Dairy Goats for Sale:


From time to time, we have milkers (does in milk) available.  We receive a large number of requests each year for these goats.  In order to be fair to those who are serious about purchasing a mature animal from our herd, we have begun to take deposits on these animals in the same manner in which we take deposits on kids ($100 non-refundable deposit).  When an animal becomes available the person first in line with a deposit has the option to purchase that goat, with the deposit being applied to the purchase price. 



We will also be adding kids, bucks or does, as they become available.  Reserved kids will still go to the designated buyer, but sometimes we will have triplets of the same sex etc. 


Interested List:

Feel free to email us at blaiseo@aol.com if you would like to be added to the list of interested buyers – once we have made our selections, we will notify you and you will have the opportunity to purchase the animal.  If not, we will continue down the list.  All animals will require a deposit at that time and must be paid in full at time of shipping or pickup. 

Dan & Camille O’Connor


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