Located in the mountains of North Idaho, 30 miles north of Coeur d Alene, the Copper Penny Ranch is home to Whey-to-Go Saanens and Copper Penny Great Pyrenees.  We are a closeknit family that is passionate about our animals and love our outdoor lifestyle.  In addition to our registered breeding stock, we also produce naturally raised beef, pork, meat chickens, eggs and produce in season for our family as well as our friends and customers.  The dogs and goats are integral to our ranch – the goats provide delicious and wholesome milk for our goat kids, our human kids (yogurt and kefir), our bottle calves, our pigs and our chickens (yes, it certainly helps to have high production Saanens).  The dogs keep our family and our animals safe from the many predators that call North Idaho “home” especially as we are located next to 15,000 acres of prime timberland that is teeming with deer, elk, moose, and grouse….and their predators – coyotes, mountain lions and bears. 

Our philosophy is to obtain and breed the very best animals that we can.  We study pedigrees and bloodlines, as well as the individual animals themselves.  We have traveled to many states to secure the beautiful animals we now have.  For our goats, we follow a careful management program that includes worming, cocci prevention, and CAE prevention (which includes annual CAE testing for all animals-all are CAE negative) and we are abscess (CL) free.

  All Saanen kids are pulled at birth and fed heat treated colostrum and milk, for mature udder health.  Our focus is to breed healthy productive does with strong production and long level lactations.  We participate in the ADGA Performance Programs which include DHIR (official milk test) and Linear Appraisal, where our goats have repeatedly scored Excellent.  We enjoy showing off the girls and even with limited showing (due to time and travel constraints) we continue to have many homebred Permanent Champions as well as Best Dairy Herd honors. 

 Our feeding program features high quality alfalfa, leafy orchard grass hay, high quality 16% dairy grain and balanced free choice minerals with high amounts of copper and selenium (this area is deficient in those minerals), and plenty of fresh clean water and sunshine.We believe in the axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Spending more for quality feed and minerals and careful management results in animals that produce without illness and can grow to their full potential.  Less work and stress for us, better animals now and in the long run for those who purchase our breeding stock. We abide by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (section XIX in the 2007 ADGA Guidebook).

Dan & Camille O’Connor


P.O. Box 801

Athol ID 83801

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